At Fashion By Five we truly believe that each person's positive vibes can energize the atmosphere they are in, and it's our mission to inspire by spreading higher vibes through apparel.
We combine positive messaging, inspired designs, vibrant colors and print them on high quality materials in order to provide our customers with a superior print and a soft, comfortable feel. We also print using only the highest quality eco-friendly inks to produce clean, bright images with superior washability on all of our garments.

Since raising the vibration of the world is our mission, we will be donating a portion of sale proceeds from our "Be the Change" collection to non profits that help encourage the healing and spiritual growth of humanity, animals and our planet.
Our apparel is manufactured with almost zero waste - anything that can't be turned into a tee is either recycled or re-purposed. Our garments are designed, dyed and cut in the USA and assembled in a WRAP certified, anti-sweatshop environment. 


Donations have been made to:

 Pollinator Partnership

Pollinator Partnership’s mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research.

 “We work with a diverse set of partners including local, regional, and national governments; corporations; universities and others to protect pollinators and their habitat with projects all over North America and globally.”



Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Conservancy works to protect the ocean from today's greatest global challenges by creating science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it.

"What happens to the ocean impacts all of us. The ocean is our responsibility, but we can’t do it alone—we need to join forces with you and people around the world to keep our ocean and our coastal communities healthy and prosperous."



Mercy For Animals

Mercy For Animals’ vision is a world where animals are respected, protected and free to pursue their own interests.

“We exist to end the greatest cause of suffering on the planet: the exploitation of animals for food. Mercy For Animals is dedicated to eradicating this cruel food system and replacing it with one that is not just kind to animals but essential for the future of our planet and all who share it.”



Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the U.S. We amplify the power of our 3.5+ million members and supporters to defend everyone's right to a healthy world.

"Today, there are serious challenges ahead: a warming climate, unprecedented levels of pollution, and powerful special interests undermining basic protections. There’s no time to waste in coming together for new solutions—which is why the Sierra Club is bringing people together to build the most powerful and effective environmental movement the world has ever seen.



Susan G. Komen

Susan G. Komen is an organization that addresses breast cancer on multiple fronts such as research, community health, global outreach and public policy initiatives in order to make the biggest impact against this disease.

"With your help, we’re having a real impact against breast cancer. Find out how your donations are saving lives and making progress in the mission to end breast cancer forever.”